The Mission of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota is to assist its constituent Lodges by being an asset to their membership and communities and to promote and maintain the Ancient Tenets, the principles of Freemasonry, and to facilitate the charitable outreach of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota.


Grand Lodge Goals

Goals to Accomplish our Mission:
  • To provide leadership and personal development training opportunities;
  • To improve the Fraternal experience for all Brothers through support of Constituent Lodge programs;
  • To oversee the maintenance, preservation, and protection of historical artifacts and future materials;
  • To work with Constituent Lodges to ensure their viability and compliance with all federal, state, and local laws;
  • To promote the use of recommended guidelines during the investigative and initiatory process and to ensure compliance with the Masonic Code and Ritual; and,
  • To promote the goals and objectives of South Dakota Masonic Charities.



Our Lodge Page

At the 2017 Grand Lodge session, Enable Labs, the makers of the MORI system used by Grand Lodge to manage member records, introduced their new service called Our Lodge Page (OLP).
The motto of Our Lodge Page is “Freemasonry in your hand, on the Web, and in your inbox.” Our goal is to engage Masons regularly with pertinent information about their lodges and brethren. An engaged brother is an active brother.
Every Lodge in South Dakota has an Our Lodge Page Web site with calendars, news feeds, online RSVPs, file uploads, links, and more.
To get started with your OLP Web site, your Lodge Secretary will designate one or more members to be a webmaster via MORI. The webmaster can post news articles for the lodge, create calendar events, and much more. Additionally, secretaries can manage information on the Web site. For an example, see St. John’s Lodge #1
All of this functionality is backed by the MORI system so that all participants are Masons in good standing. Also Our Lodge Page knows all of the basics about your lodge, such as officers, location, and meeting times, because it draws that information from MORI and keeps it up-to-date automatically.
Enable Labs has rolled out a mobile application with push messaging, calendar integration, one-touch RSVPs, secure Masonic communication, and much more.
Remember, your Grand Lodge is paying for every Lodge to have a Website and mobile Our Lodge Page!


New Brother Packets

New Brother packets include:
  • Further Light book;
  • Bookmark with instructions for Our Lodge Page;
  • Grand Lodge pin;
  • Welcome letter from the Grand Master; and,
  • A new dues card.
  • Recognizing new Brothers right away helps the Lodge and the Fraternity retain him for life. Once entered into MORI, packets will be forwarded.



Historical Documents and Treasures

In the basement of the Grand Lodge office is an area called “the cage.” There are a number of books, aprons, photos and other items that need to be catalogued and properly preserved. We are developing a plan to move forward with preserving these important artifacts and history.
Estimates have been made on costs and materials required to properly preserve these items. Work continues so one day we can proudly display these treasures.


Service & Longevity Awards

Your Grand Lodge provides Service Awards in recognition of 5, 15, 25, 35, and 45 years of service to Freemasonry.
Longevity Awards are provided to those who have contributed to Freemasonry for 50, 60, and 70 years of dedicated support.


Representing Your Grand Lodge

Your Grand Lodge Officers attend Annual Communications of surrounding jurisdictions, Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges, Midwest Conference on Masonic Education, and the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America to gain knowledge and represent you.


Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges

Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges consists of thirteen jurisdictions and allows for the sharing of information effecting our jurisdictions and our members. Many excellent programs are utilized across the Midwest Conference can be implemented by its member Jurisdictions. Good programs that work can be adapted to fit our state. Member Jurisdictions include:
– Manitoba
– Missouri
– North Dakota
– Wisconsin
– South Dakota
– Illinois
– Nebraska
– Michigan
– Kansas
– Indiana
– Minnesota
– Ohio
– Iowa


Midwest Conference on Masonic Education

The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education (MCME) is held annually and hosted by one of the members of the Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges. The event rotates through the thirteen Jurisdictions. The mission of MCME is:
  • Provide a communications and support network for our member jurisdictions.
  • Conduct an annual forum for Masons who have a vital interest in Masonic Education.
  • Offer the opportunity to share Masonic experiences, knowledge, and insights.
  • Publish occasional newsletters, communications, and the proceedings of its annual meetings.


Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America

The Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America includes representatives from 66 jurisdictions from around the world. It allows for the sharing of Masonic insights and excellent breakouts on key topics with input from the jurisdictions.



Leadership Conference

Your Grand Lodge provides a Leadership Conference each year to improve the knowledge and share experiences with future leaders for Lodges and potential Grand Lodge Officers.
We bring in Masonic presenters from around the country to provide training on the Six Steps to Initiation, how to plan for a successful Masonic year and real strategies to make our Lodges both appealing and effective.
These Annual Leadership Conferences are an excellent way to enhance the Officers of our fraternity in their aspirations toward excellence.
Join us again this fall (Sept 7-8) as we present the next Leadership Training opportunity for the future of our Fraternity.


District Masters Training

Each year Grand Lodge provides updated training to the District Masters, both new and experienced District Masters. The training provides the latest Grand Lodge programs, a District Master’s Resource Manual with forms, recommendations, requirements, and procedures.
This training is to provide the “how to” for supporting the Constituent Lodges within their districts. We cover subjects like the Lodge Assistance Teams; Awards Presentations; charitable support for Brothers, their widows and orphans; District Reports; Life Membership Program; Lodge of the Year and Master Builder of the Year Programs; conduct of District Meetings and proper protocol.
The District Master’ls Training provides them a clear grasp of their duties and the Grand Lodge Programs before conducting their District Meetings with the Constituent Lodges. Join us on September 7, for this valuable training.


Lodge Assistance Teams

Lodge Assistance Teams (LATs) consist of the following members:
  • Past Grand Master (Chair)
  • Member of Trustees
  • Member of Jurisprudence
  • District Master
  • District Custodian


Lodge Assistance Teams are established to assist Constituent Lodges toward improvement and determining the direction in which the Lodge wants to go in the future. Options are provided as follows per SD Masonic Code:
  • Remain an Active Lodge (Section 4);
  • Become an Occasional Lodge (Section 3.44);
  • Consolidation (Section 3.18, 4.91);
  • Dissolution of Lodge (Section 3.27, 3.30); or
  • Become a Square and Compass Club (Section 3.43);
The Constituent Lodge must decide its future, and the LAT is a resource to help it achieve its goals.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

— Thomas Edison