The Petition for the Degrees of Masonry has been removed from the website and the new, redesigned Petition may be obtained from your Lodge Secretary.
   Petition for Advancement
   Petition for Affiliation
   Petition for Reinstatement
Lady’s Slipper Program
The “Lady’s Slipper Program” was designed to welcome the Lady of a newly made Master Mason to the Masonic family.
    Lady’s Slipper Program (for printing)


Raffle Information & Forms
   Raffle Procedures
   Raffle Request: Secretary of State
   Grand Master’s Proclamation on Games of Chance
   Raffle Special Dispensation Form
   Raffle Notification: County Attorney
Grand Lodge Forms
   Outstanding Lodge Education Officer (LEO) Nomination
   Master Builder Award
   Lodge of the Year
   District Master “Report of Visitation” form
Scholarship Forms
    All three Scholarship forms
Life Membership Program
Any Master Mason in good standing in the Grand Jurisdiction of South Dakota may purchase a Lifetime Membership as follows: Payment of $2,000 plus one year’s dues paid to the Secretary of his Lodge or he may choose payments by installment. The time frame for installment payments shall not exceed three years and may be paid either semi-annually or annually to his Secretary. See the Constitution & By-Laws for further details.
   Application for Life Membership in Perpetuity