I would first like to thank my lovely wife Teresa who has supported me throughout his Masonic career.  She has been my rock throughout my travels. 

I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice in May 1998, passed June 1998, and raised to the sublime of a Master Mason in July of 1998 from Joppa Lodge #7, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl., Prince Hall Affiliate. I have served as Senior and Junior Steward, Tyler, Senior and Junior Deacon, Senior and Junior Warden and later elected to serve as Worshipful Master. I served 3 years as Worshipful Master under Prince Hall Affiliate before transitioning to Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and later elected to serve as Worshipful Master at Mt. Rushmore Lodge # 220. I have initiated, passed and raised more Master Masons over my 20 years that I can count on my hands and toes. My light speaks for itself when they come back to me and thank me. 

I have served diligently as a South Dakota Mason since 2012. I am currently serving as Senior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge under Most Worshipful Grand Master Jeffrey VanCuren. I have also served as Junior Grand Deacon under MWB Jason Swindle, Grand Sword Bearer under MWB Harold Ireland, Grand Marshall under MWB DaNiel Wood, Grand Standard Bearer under MWB Yancey Smith and Grand Pursuivant under MWB Michael Rodman. My Masonic affiliations include Scottish Rite-KCCH, Naja Shrine, National Sojourners Order of Eastern Star, where I am actively involved. 

I have served on a number of committees and worked countless hours under the Child Identification program at many events to ensure our SD children were and are safe. I am a firm believer of this program having 3 children of my own. I had a passion and understanding as a parent how vital it is to keep track of your children. I have facilitated the last 4 Masonic Model Student Assistance Programs (MMSAP). This program is phenomenal to be a part of. I have seen teachers get extremely emotional talking about their student which gave me a since of pride and urgency why we continued this program. I am a firm believer in the education system whether it is public or private. Every year I take the lead raising funds for the Boys Club of America and the South Dakota Meals on Wheels Program. Thus, getting Masonry well known in the community. I have shown our military veterans how important they are. We performed a dedication ceremony for them where I was Tyler. We showed them how important their service was and how they paved the way for our freedoms in this country. I also assisted with dedication ceremonies including the rededication of the Pierre Lodge, the CW Nash rededication and the Mt. Rushmore 75th Anniversary Celebration.  I escorted a number of Grand Masters and their wives during the Conference of Grand Masters with an extremely happy heart. 

I was born 6/5/1968 in Memphis, TN and graduated from Memphis Central High School in 1986. I entered into the United States Air Force later that year as a Financial Specialist. I served for more than 24 years and transitioned to a Federal Service career as a Financial Manager. Through this career I worked numerous positions as Financial Services Specialist, Resource Advice, Resource Manager, Disbursing Agent and Accounting officer. I sat on a number of Financial Management Board to include 2 years of service in the NATO community where I had to learn diplomacy very quickly dealing with over 17 countries all in one room. I received an Associate’s Degree in Financial Management from the Community College of the Air Force and later awarded a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Columbia College in Missouri. 

Outside of Masonry I was elected president of the American Society of Military Comptrollers, 2 years at the Rapid City Chapter and 2 years at the Denver Chapter. This program assisted our military community to receive Certification in Financial Management. I earned the Department of Defense Financial Management Certification while a part of this chapter. 

As part of my dedication to serving and growing lodges across our state, I want to express my deep gratitude to the brothers of Mt. Rushmore Lodge #220, Rapid City Lodge #25 and Olive Branch #47.

 Brothers, I leave you with this. I have had a profound love for Masonry for a long time. My heart has been in Masonry for a number of years and will be if God willing.  As a strong believer in Freemasonry, I plan to keep the tenants of Masonry very Strong.